Calendar 2017 – Special Photography Volvo’s

At the end of november 2017 we decided to print a special Calender with exclusive photo’s from car photographer Luuk van Kaathoven. We arranged some classic and new Volvo’s and rent an old empty factory hall. With a team of four people we did this shoot in two evenings and the result was amazing. This calendar is maybe dated but the pictures are still fantastic and will look good in a nice frame. Except the new cars that were delivered by Volvo Car all other classics belonged to Volvo-collectors. The Calender is printed on high quality paper and all pictures are varnished. These are the last copies of a collection of beautiful pictures of cars like the PV544, Duett, 850 T-5R, C70 Convertible, 1800ES, V70, V90, XC90 and many others…


Dimensions 35 × 50 cm


In stock