Volvo PV 444/544 – Folkhemmet modell

The years when the Volvo PV444/544 was produced coincided with a period when Sweden was also undergoing rapid development. Presented in 1944 and manufactured until the fall of 1965, it is a generator of Swedes who have memories of Volvo PV. With Volvo PV, many Swedish families got their own car. Many new export markets opened up for Volvo – not least the PV was a success in the USA. “Volvo PV 444/544 – The People’s Home Model” tells the story of how the car was designed and developed. There is a chapter on motorsport, accessories and PV as a toy car, the book also tells about PV as a car safety pioneer and converted youth car. It is richly illustrated with advertising images from Volvo and reportage photographs from Sweden and the world. Each chapter has summaries in English.


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Fredrik Nyblad


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